THE DOG, HUMAN’S BEST FRIEND (Alicia Kushnir, alumna 3º ESO A)

The domestic dog, an intelligent and loyal animal, has been humans’ best friend for a lot of time. Why?

The answer could be a legend:
Lots of years ago, at Stone Age , a wild dog appeared in a humans’ cave. It wanted to eat the waste of the food these people have left. After that, the dog was slowly integrating into hunters’ lives.

Archeologists say that at least 400 thousand years ago, there was connection between cans and humans, which was really strange because humans’ behaviour in those times would be hunting that animal.
On the other hand, humans were nomads, so they did not have sheep or goats. Maybe the company between humans and dogs became because humans had these animals to eat them when they did not had what to eat or because a dog defended a man from another animal or even a human and the tribe started to adopt cubs for them defend it.
Also, there are deposits of dogs founded from 15 thousand years ago which show that dogs have had the same characteristics as nowadays.
To conclude, I think dogs are a very kind tipe of animal, and that’s why, for me, they are considered humans’ best friends.

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