Buying local products (Alejandro Hernández, alumno 2º Bachillerato A)

Nowadays everyone is preoccupied with buying organic local food which seems to be healthier than imported food most people say that local food is food which is produced closed to home, in your town or country.

Buying local food is a way to support local farmers because if there are no consumers, there won’t be any farmers left. It also brings consumers and farmers close to each other. For instance, a some farmer’s markets where they sell their own produce, consumers have a chance to discover where their food comes from.

Furthermore, local food is usually grown with normal seeds without using chemicals. Local food is fresh, healthy and organic and also does not taste bad. However, local food is seasonal, so we cannot have whatever we want, when we want it. People depend on farmers, the needs of consumers are sometimes not satisfied due to restrictions caused by local farming.

I am convinced that buying local food is a good thing for us, but imported food is also necessary because local farmers cannot satisfy consumers needs all year round.


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