Buying local. Advantages and disadvantages. (Marta Belmonte, alumna 2º Bachillerato A)

For the great majority of people, buying local is healthier. In comparison with the last decades, the number of farmers has decreased, because people have been buying other types of food for years, such as packaged vegetables. This brings up people to the question of whether they are really safe.

Many people claim that buying local is not the best option. They prefer to buy in supermarkets, packaged vegetables, eggs, etc… normally because they have a longer expiration date, and they think that they are safer as they have been processed and tested before being sold. It is highly probable that people do not buy local because they are also more expensive. However, are this kind of products safe? There is a reason to believe that packaged food is not as healthy as it seems. This position is defended by many people who think that buying local is healthier. They state that, for example, if your neighbor has local products, it is better to buy him/her food as local food protects consumer’s health. They are natural, they do not contain chemicals, and most important, it contributes to the restoration of natural habitats.

It is reasonable to think that local products are the best option to be consumed! This kind of food, in my view, contains all the natural vitamins. I feel strongly that people who consume, for instance, food grown by themselves, they have fewer health problems, as it is the case of my grandmother.

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