Buying local (Ainhoa Ruíz, alumna 2º Bachillerato B)

A problem which is often debated nowadays is whether buying local can be an important thing for our country, but, besides advantages, it can have disadvantages. It is one of the subjects which generates more controversy. However, is buying local the answer? Where should we shop?

Many surveys have been carried out and 30% of users have said that it has disadvantages. For instance, locally grown foods are more expensive because they are considered organic. In addition, fruits go bad faster as a result of not having preservatives to make them last. Nevertheless, foods which are grown across the country have often preservatives which make them last for days. If we all decided to buy local, then big stores would lose customers, and unemployment rates would increase. One example of such could be truck drivers who carry food across the country. On top of tat, local farmers may not have everything you need or want to buy.

On the contrary, it is thought that buying local is an important thing for our country. These people think that small businesses donate more to non-profits events in comparison to big ones. They also say that it is very important to continue strengthening the economic base of the community, and this is the best way to do it. Many studies have shown that when you buy at an independent store rather a nationally-owned business, your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, farms, etc. Additionally, locally owned businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transportation and this generally means contributing less to pollution. Many cities prefer small businesses for the simple reason that they provide more jobs for residents.

For me, the gist of the matter is that we should help our local economy. It is the easiest way to make money go round. ‘What goes around, comes around’. I do not hint that by staying local would have any major effect on large multinational corporations, as they seem to be concentrated on large cities and shopping centres.

In smalls towns and villages it is important to help smalls shops so the town feels alive and can grow for future generations.

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